Smart Growth Construction is a Cincinnati, OH based construction company. Recognized for superior quality and customer service, Smart Growth Construction offers  general contracting and construction management solutions to the commercial market.  Smart Growth Construction hires and retains the industry’s best talent. Our team brings unique vision and understanding to each project and is committed to providing an unmatched level of service. Smart Growth Construction places the highest priority on safety. We have worked hard to develop a culture of safety. We execute our work in the safest means possible to achieve zero incidents.



General Contracting 

At Smartgrowth, we get it. Tight coordination of job sites and strong partnerships with subcontractors and other partners are critical to delivering quality projects on time and on budget. Our general contracting teams take pride in their relationships with subcontractors and other project partners and work hard to foster cooperation and mutual respect on all our project sites. By leveraging our partner relationships and measuring project status through detailed schedules, methodical safety plans and effective cost control reporting, our general contractors are able to closely monitor and quickly identify issues that could impact the budget and project timeline.

Construction Management

As construction managers, we are selected based on project expertise, approach, staff qualifications, and track record of performance. We are your partner in construction, from the time of selection to well after the keys have been handed over. With Smartgrowth's construction management services, the owner controls the project while our experienced teams of construction professionals handle the day-to-day construction issues and keep the project on track. Committing to a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) assures that the project will be constructed for no more than amount agreed in contract terms. This is one way SmartGrowth helps the owner manage risk.

Self Performance 

Our ability to self-perform gives us superior control over cost, schedule, quality, and safety. The amount of work we self-perform can range from 5 to 95 percent, depending on the type of construction.

By self-performing work that many of our competitors must subcontract, we eliminate an additional markup, thereby reducing costs for the owner. When a substantial portion of the work is performed by our own forces, we can monitor the schedule more accurately and make labor adjustments more rapidly than we can through secondary contractors. This often accelerates project completion. Also, through self-performance, we have direct control over the quality of workmanship and the safety of the workplace.




Turner Construction

Messer Construction

Mark Spaulding


Children’s Hospital

Duke Energy

Cincinnati Public Schools

Max Construction Group

Wright Patt Airforce Base

Johnson and Johnson

City of St.Bernard




University of Cincinnati

Miami University

Staff Co Construction 

Anna Louis Inn

National Guard

Air Force

Cincinnati Street Car

Tire Discounter

Bray Construction

First Financial Bank

Republic Bank




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